Congrats to the Minoa Fire Dept. 2021 elected officals
By Lieutenant Station 1 Anthony Alessandrello
December 14, 2020

Tonight the Minoa Fire Department held there elections for the year 2021. On behalf of the Minoa Fire Department Congrats to all of our newly elected officials.

Operations Side
Chief - Matt McGarrity
Deputy Chief - Chuck Spratt
Assistant Deputy Chief - Randy Capriotti Sr.
Captain Station 1 - Anthony Alessandrello
Captain Station 2 - Jeremy DiBello
Lieutenant Station 1 - Rebecca Schermerhorn
Lieutenant Station 2 - Megan Shane

Executive Side
President - Tom Czajak
Vice President - Dave Giocondo
Secretary- Scot Garland
Treasurer - Al Tompkins

Board of Directors
Anthony Alessandrello
Bill Bryant
Randy Capriotti Sr.
Jeremy DiBello
Jeremy Erard
Dave Matthes Jr
Trevor VanAuken