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2023 In Review

Fire truck, ambulance, and emergency responders with a dog in a parking lot.

February 5, 2024: From Fire Chief Donald D. Grevelding, Jr.

Our Goal this year was to equip, train, and lead our highly motivated team to serve our community at the highest potential level, with a “community-first” mindset. Our members’ motivation and drive create an environment full of pride and dedication that is valued by our community.

2023 was slated to be a year of re-organization and re-structure. We downsized our fleet by retiring two engines and a squad along with three Chiefs’ buggies. We added a new-to-us mini-pumper and three new 2023 Ford F-150 Chiefs’ buggies.

New unit identifiers help our goal of a slimmed-down fleet by being able to relocate apparatus between both stations when staffing warrants a move or vehicle maintenance requires an apparatus move.

See our stats below.