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Our Mission

A group of firefighters posing together, some in gear, others in casual clothing.

Integrity * Service * Pride * Tradition

The Minoa Fire Department strives to promote, preserve, and protect the public safety and security of members of the community. We use effective fire prevention techniques and provide quality Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services. Our intention is to act always with compassion and a commitment to excellence.

Core Values

Everyday * Everywhere * For Everyone

Honesty And Integrity — We are committed to honesty and ethical behavior. We know integrity is the key to holding the public's trust and the trust of each other.

Respect — We show respect by valuing all members of our organization. We earn respect by working hard, listening, and displaying humility.

Leadership — We lead by example, consistency, transparency, and open communication. We value selfless leaders who unify and inspire others.

Accountability — We hold ourselves and each other accountable. We accept responsibility for our actions at all levels of our organization.

Teamwork — We work as a team to achieve our common goals. We trust in each other, depend on each other, and succeed because of each other.

Professionalism — We approach every day and every challenge with a positive attitude. We provide professional service at all times by treating others with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Our Service

We have two fire stations, Station 1 in the Village of Minoa on North Main Street and Station 2 on Manlius Center Road in Fremont (East Syracuse). We are one of four fire departments in the Town of Manlius. Our district starts north of the Erie Canal; it covers all of Fremont and Minoa to north of the Town at Taft Road.

We average 500-600 alarms annually. Our roster is between 35 and 50 members. The population that we serve is over 11,000; our area is over 33 square miles.

The District covers a large portion of the CSX rail yard, gas stations, several lakes and streams, part of the Thruway, County and Village wastewater treatment plants, and electrical substations.

Our district also covers schools, churches, bars and restaurants, a junk yard, parks, a highway department and public works department, golf courses, mechanic shops, solar farms, nursing homes and assisted living apartment complexes, and day care centers as well as many residential areas.