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Firehouse Field Trip

Girl Scouts pose with three firefighters in front of the  green fire / rescue truck.
Firefighter Dave Matthes, Jr., (far right) led these inquisitive Girl Scouts on a tour of the Minoa Fire Department. Firefighters Tim Hess (left), and Randy Capriotto, Jr. (right) demonstrated safety gear.

Hosting young people is a dream task for any volunteer firefighter. On April 5, 2024 ten animated 6- and 7-year-olds from the local Girl Scout Troop came to Minoa Fire Station 1 on Main Street in Minoa. They wanted to see where the firefighters stored their trucks and other equipment and to learn about fire safety.

The Minoa firefighters always welcome visitors, especially young ones. We are serious about fire safety education. We want children to know that we are really nice, interested in their safety — and even funny.

We told the girls all about fire safety and what to do if there's a fire at home. We said that they should have a meeting place outside and never hide if there's a fire. Children can feel a bit scared thinking about fires, but our message was meant to help them to feel safe.

Now they know that the Minoa Fire Department and others nearby are always ready to help if anything happens. And, who knows? Maybe some of these girls will want to join the Fire Department when they grow up.