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Firefighters using hydraulic rescue tools on a damaged vehicle at night.

Since 1913, We have been committed to protecting, serving and supporting the village of Minoa & neighboring areas.

The volunteer members are passionate about serving our community and have been essential in accomplishing the mission, ensuring first responder units are ready and capable of delivering emergency aid. We pride ourselves on being prepared to mobilize and respond rapidly with the right capabilities to support the needs of our community anytime, anywhere.

Being a volunteer of the Minoa Fire Department offers the flexibility to serve close to home and serve your community part-time. In return, you’ll get cutting-edge training, great benefits, and valuable job skills that can help you get ahead.

The Minoa Fire Department will provide valuable training and experience for your long-term life goals, in addition to making you a well-trained firefighter, EMT, or Fire Police. Through the free training courses, you’ll have the opportunity to earn professional, national, and state certifications which can help you succeed in other first responder career paths.

Our members come from various occupations, with many having no previous firefighting experience, and wanting to learn and provide valuable community service.

There are several volunteer programs within the Minoa Fire Department in which you can become a member. Learn more about some of these exciting and specialized programs.

An emblem of the Minoa Fire Department with firefighting symbols, stating "Volunteering Since 1913."

Membership Opportunities

  • Interior & Exterior FF
  • Driver / Operator
  • EMT
  • Fire Police
  • Restricted FF (16 & 17 years old)
  • Junior Member (14 & 15 years old)
  • Support Members

Why You Should Join

Be a part of our close-knit family
Live-In / Bunkroom Opportunities
Person and Professional Development

Volunteering in emergency services is one of the most important decisions you can make. We hope you give this decision the time and serious consideration it deserves and decide to join our ranks.