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Junior and Restricted Firefighter Program

This image displays the badge of the Minoa Fire Department, featuring firefighting symbols and text, indicating service since 1913.

For Volunteers 14 - 17 Years Old

Both our Junior and Restricted members participate in restricted Firefighter activities as permitted by the department's policies through hands-on training and classroom instruction while earning certifications.

The youth in Minoa have always inspired us to better our community, and that kind of idealism can be infectious, and real change can occur when paired with an opportunity to serve. Our Youth Programs are the intersection of aspiration and action.

We aim to instill a passion for volunteering in Fire & EMS services by providing volunteer opportunities for those ages 14 to 17, adding experience, and knowledge, and making lifelong relationships that have an invaluable influence on their character and potential career path.

  • Junior Firefighters: 14 & 15 years old
  • Restricted Firefighters: 16 -17 years old