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A uniformed woman and a man holding a service appreciation plaque in a room with an American flag.

Volunteer Process

5 Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

We pride ourselves on providing the best and most professional service possible. Doing so takes the combined efforts of all of our volunteers.

Being a volunteer of the Minoa Fire Department offers the flexibility to serve close to home and serve your community part-time. In return, you’ll get cutting-edge training, great benefits, and valuable job skills that can help you get ahead.

Fire trucks parked on a street at sunset, with people standing and sitting nearby.

Contact the Department

Complete the inquiry form, and a member of the Membership Committee will contact you.

The Membership Application

You will receive an application by email. Complete and return the application to the station. Our Membership Committee will review it, complete a driver's license and NY State required background and reference check and contact you about options and opportunities.


Candidates are invited to interview to learn more about our organization, expectations and roles. During this session, you will:

  • Conduct a station tour
  • Have an opportunity ask questions
  • Learn more about the department and what we do

Becoming a Member

Once you've completed all the steps and are approved by the Membership Committee and the Village Board, you'll be formally introduced as a new Minoa Volunteer Fire Department probationary member.

New Members Begin Probationary Status

An orientation and training schedule will be provided to new members. Firefighters will be required to take the mandatory training and courses. You will be issued the following gear and items:

  • Station Key
  • Response Pager
  • Protective Gear
  • Assigned a mentor

Probationary status typically lasts one- year. During this time, new members will complete training courses and in-station training and have the opportunity to begin to respond to calls and ride apparatus.