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Recognizing Exceptional Service, 2024

Hundreds of individuals gathered in a banquet hall to see awardees of the Minoa Fire Department
Awards Banquet, 2024

Firefighters are exemplars of courage and selflessness, protecting others and property.

The individuals listed below are recognized for their public spirited actions and dedicated service. They inspire us all to appreciate the sacrifices made to keep Minoa and neighboring communities safe.

These accolades serve as a testament to their commitment to public safety.

Mayor's Award

Presented by Minoa Mayor William F. Brazill to Minoa Fire chief Donald E. Grevelding.

Fire Commissioner's Award

Presented by Bobby Schepp to Tony Alessandrello

Honoree — Ken D'Angelo

Past Deputy Chief John Jarmacz said of Ken, “Ken, we honor you and thank you for your many dedicated years of service to the Minoa Fire Department.” He went on to describe this honor and Ken's service to his community:

“Ken has been a member of the Minoa Fire Department since August 1980. His list of accomplishments includes holding many committee positions. Ken served as a member of the banquet, membership retention, and by-law committees. Ken has also served our Fire Department in many positions including working as fire police, serving as an EMT, and as a member of the Haz-Mat Team. At one point, Ken was also the Lieutenant of Ambulance and Rescue.

“Ken even served as our Fire Department Historian. In 1987, he received the county's highest award, a life-saving Medal of Valor from OCVFA after assisting in the evacuation of the residents in an apartment fire at Edgerton Estates.”

Special Honoree — Tom Hart

Dave Matthes, Jr. presented this award, and began the ceremony by saying, “Minoa Fire Department would like to thank Tom for his dedicated service by making him an honorary member of the Minoa Fire Department.”

“Tom has been a staple at Minoa Field Days for many years. He could be found in many tasks such as helping in the office or collecting money. Tom helped set up our charge card system bringing our Field Days to the 21st century!

“As a volunteer of the Kirkville Fire Department, Tom helped Minoa borrow Kirkville's supplies such as picnic tables and use their refrigerators. During last year's field day, our treasurer suffered a stroke on opening day. Tom stepped up and offered his expertise in the office. He helped eliminate the stress of not having our treasurer to assist with the finances of the field day.”

Appreciation Award

To Steve Kemper with The Galloo Foundation, presented by Trevor VanAuken

Mutual Aid Chiefs

Chief Jim Ostrowski ,Bridgeport FD
Chief Lenny DiBello, East Syracuse FD
Chief Paul Hildreth, Fayetteville FD
Chief TJ Leo, Kirkville Fire Company
Deputy Chief Greg VanDyke, Manlius FD
Chief Jason Cassalia, Manlius Police
Minoa Ambulance, Chris Smith

Recognition of Training

EMT: Lieutenant Dominic Erard

Firefighter 1: FF Alexi Deutch, FF Zach Grevelding, FF Jake Hoffman, FF Aaron Reynolds

Fire Instructor 1: Captain Nick Carulli, Lieutenant Mike DiMauro, Lieutenant Dominic Erard, DMO Rich Sabin, Captain Becky Schermerhorn, Deputy Chief Trevor VanAuken

Pump Operator: FF Drew Cavanaugh, FF Colin Decker, FF Hunter Matthes

Top 10 Responders — Dispatched 538 Times

• Firefighter Drew Cavanaugh (279)
• Lieutenant David Hess (262)
• Firefighter Jeremey Erard (220)
• Deputy Chief Trevor Van Auken (218)
• Firefighter Colin Decker (207)
• Firefighter Mike Lostumbo (181)
• Lieutenant Dominic Erard (173)
• Restricted Firefighter Tim Hess (171)
• Chief Don Grevelding (162)
• Firefighter Dave Abbott (152)

Years of Service Awards

5 Years: FF Zach Berg
10 Years:  LM Bill Bryant, FF Kraig Marquart
15 Years: LM Matt Rushlo, Deputy Chief Trevor Van Auken
20 Years: Captain Nick Carulli
30 Years: Past Deputy Chief Jeremy Erard
35 Years: LM Jess Brown, Past Chief Pat Flannery, Chief Don Grevelding
40 Years: LM John Abbott, Past Chief Al Tompkins
50 Years & Special Presenters: John Jarmacz presented the award to LM Dave Billy, Denny Erard presented the award to LM Nick Erard Jr
60 Years & Special Presenter: LM Ray Matthes, presented by Dave Matthes, Sr.
Life Member Award: Past Chief Matt McGarrity

Past President’s award

Denny Erard

Longest-serving Member Award

Ray Matthes

Britt VanAuker Award

For the oldest living member - Wayne Konseck

Member-of-the-year Award

Lt Tony Alessandrello, presented by President Tim Decker on behalf of the Board

President’s Award

David Matthes, Jr., presented by President Tim Decker

Firefighter-of-the-year Award

Colin Decker, presented by Chief Don Grevelding

Chief's Award

Lt Tony Alessandrello, presented by Chief Don Grevelding

OCVFA Red Jacket Award

Presented to Dave Billy and Nick Erard, Jr., presented by OCVFA Director Joe Nemire